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Vision 2020 Campaign


Vision 2020 Campaign

Vision 20.20 is a campaign that started in 2017 and is our response to God’s invitation to join Him in His great plans for the next 20 years of Crossroads Community Church. We are compelled by what we see in our community and region to make a greater impact with the gospel of Christ to the nearly 70% of our community who are unchurched or dechurched. Vision 20.20 is the renewal of our commitment to glorify God by proclaiming the gospel throughout this region, helping more people fulfill their calling to share the gospel in their spheres of influence, engaging the needy in our community with necessary resources, and connecting more people to Biblical community through healthy churches. Vision 20.20 is a 3 year giving strategy. But is much more than merely a financial capital campaign, it is a renewal of our personal commitment to reach this region with the “Truth that transforms lives” through multiplication, community engagement, and financial pledges. In essence, Vision 20.20 seeks to move us to consider the visionary target of the two Biblical arrows of the Great Commission (proclaiming the gospel and making disciples) and the Great Commandment (loving our neighbors). 

Vision 2020 has three Goals!

1. Downtown Ministry Center (Completed)


The Downtown Ministry Center will be a centrally located facility that will give us the opportunity to serve more, give more, and reach more of the low income and under served in our region. The Downtown Ministry Center would be the service hub for children and families who find themselves in hopeless situations. 

We are excited to announce the first part of our Vision 2020 Campaign, our new Crossroads City Center Location!

The Crossroads City Center will be located at 29 North Main Street Mansfield, Ohio.

2. Mortgage Reduction

To gain financial freedom by paying off our mortgage by year 2020. 

3. Multi-Venue Campuses (Completed)

Increase quality ministry space and reach new neighborhoods/communities by launching new multi-venue campuses through healthy acquisitions and strategic locations.

Crossroads Shelby Campus

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.54.39 AM.png

We have already accomplished this in our Crossroads Shelby Campus which has a service every Sunday at 10am at 169 Mansfield Ave. Shelby, OH 44875.

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Crossroads Lexington Campus

We have the exciting opportunity to start a new campus in Lexington, Ohio in 2019. Join us!


Get all the detailed information in our Vision 2020 Booklet!

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