We are called to join God in being a people and a church that is For Our City! We are the only way that people will see that The Church is not against them. We must be the most selfless love they ever witness, the boldest and most hopeful message they ever hear, and the most life-changing relationships they experience.

As a movement for our city, we will:

Celebrate the Positive in our City

Similar to how parents speak about their own children, what we say about our city has power. As the church, citizens, and leaders in our city, we can do the same. Like parents speaking hope, dreams, and life for their children, we can speak love, life and a future for our city. Let’s begin to speak for our city what God speaks for her. Let’s believe for a spiritual renewal and a vibrant, life-giving transformation in our city.

Commit to Helping Better our City

We are people committed to helping our city get better. As the hands and feet of Jesus, we know that words must be reinforced with actions. As the church, citizens, and leaders of our city, we realize that in order to see real change in our city, we must get our hands dirty in the mess of the city.

Create Environments  of Change in our City

We want to create environments that will be catalysts of change in our city. By launching fresh ideas, creative initiatives, financial investment, and connecting with new businesses, we hope to make an environments where good change can happen in our city.