“Can a church actually have an effect on their city…their region?”


We answered the question…

This means that we don’t look at our city with apathy, animosity, or with a lack of engagement. Instead, we view it as our calling to make our city better without losing our identity. To view our city, not from the perspective of what it gives us, but what we can give to help it flourish. All the while, proclaiming the only gospel that will change the city from the inside out.

We believe God has called every church and every Christian to be for OUR city…for the most marginalized, the weak, the poor, the hurting, the broken, the most vulnerable, and the most overlooked. We are to be faithful workers who bring back hope, life, and light to our city. We are to care for the weak, offer liberty to those in addicted captivity, to provide comfort to those in suffering and a message of salvation to those facing ruin.

A gospel that tells us that Jesus showed up IN poverty, IN a country occupied and lacking political freedom, IN a time of world turmoil, political oppression, distrust, and extreme abuses. Jesus showed up IN weakness, humility, and anonymity. Rather than coming to condemn anyone to death or eternal judgment, He took the sins of the world on Himself and died in our place. He bore our cross, our shame, our guilt, our eternal suffering. He stepped in between us and the trouble we deserved, to offer His love, forgiveness, and hope so people far from Him could and would know the love of God the Father.


As a result, we can confidently say...


GOD IS FOR US, NOT AGAINST. God is for those who are even against him, living contrary to His perfect way of life. God is for OUR city! For your city. For your neighborhood. For your school. For your family. God is for you!